ACBN: A Primer, to be released in September 2017


The Lumumba Afrika Report

ACBN:A Primer, is the first book written and published by Kwesi Anan Ababio.

The book discusses essential concepts about Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalism and gives full credit to those who inspired and contributed to the ideas behind the creation of this book.

The book asks and attempts to answer questions like:
Who is an Afrikan?
What is ACBN?
Why Mulattoes and Other Hybrids Are Not Afrikan?…and much more

The 142 page book is an easy, engaging read and includes a special guest author who writes a brilliant epilogue.

The book has nearly 30 color and black & white photographs, endnotes, a bibliography, and references detailing and supporting the thesis of the book.

Get your eBook or paperback copy as soon as it is available! It is essential reading for Afrikan people in the 21st century.

Links and instructions on how to make a purchase…

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The Bastard Factor

The Lumumba Afrika Report

I overheard a conversation recently between a mulatto acquaintance of mine and another Black man which revealed something very interesting about the unintended results of interracial breeding and the impact it has on mulattoes.

The mulatto was asked if he was going home to visit his family for an upcoming vacation and disclosed that he was not. The reason he gave is that when he visits his home it is not the same anymore because most of his childhood friends are married now and staying in his parents’ home is not an option due to their lack of interest in him.

He was pressed on his meaning of this final point and he subsequently revealed that his parents were perfectly willing to meet him in a restaurant for a meal and hear about details of his life, but as far as staying with his parents for the duration of his…

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The Counter Racist Cul-de-sac

The Lumumba Afrika Report

This video points out the ridiculousness of being a “counter-racist codist”. The problem is not so much that these “victims” have a “code”, it is that they have misidentified the problem. Sure, “the problem is white people“, but we must use specific tools and strategies to defeat that problem. And it is not limited to just being cute and clever with the use of words. One needs organized group power to handle these IMAs and that is being demonstrated by nations like North Korea, China, Iran, and others. The following comment written by a previous viewer of the video says is plainly.

“So Fucking What! The white lady was right. This IS why they elected Trump and the (Asian) woman is not an American. She admitted it herself! Am I supposed the feel sorry for yet another white identified Asian woman trying her best to be an honorary…

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The Four Sovereignties

The Lumumba Afrika Report

We will begin a total renegotiation with the European Union in order to get back our monetary, legislative, territorial, and economic sovereignty” ~M. Le Pen, 2017

Do any groups of Afrikan people presently have these four sovereignties? Definitely not the Afrikans in the USA and other diasporas! I can say that with absolute certainty. It is also highly questionable for Afrikan “nations” on the continent. Why is that? But a more important question, why is it that no significant political party, political faction, constituency, or political block are campaigning for these fundamental Four Sovereignties? Yet the Euro-racists that well-meaning, liberal-identified Afrikans say practice global white supremacy unceasingly, are using these four sovereignties as an active political plank. Do they know something about national organization that we don’t or have forgotten?

Why are European political parties, one after the other threatening and actually delivering on threats…

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The 95 Million: The Real Reason Trump Won

Amos Magazine


( – A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May — 664,000 more than in April — and the labor force participation rate dropped two-tenths of a point to 62.6 percent, near its 38-year low, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday.


The Democratic Party and its minions often claim that it is the party for everyone and looks out for the poor. You will often  hear Black and Multi-Racial people who belong to the Democratic Party chide people whom they claim to be poor-Whites for  being dumb for voting for the Republican party because they claim that Republicans do nothing for working class people and  only car about the rich. Yet, Republicans such as Trent Lott have worked to bring jobs to working-class people Black and White in small towns in the rural South. Now, it’s no doubt that the…

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The Decline of an Empire: America’s Monetary Policy, Wars and the Petrodollar System (video & article)   U.S. and Saudi Relations Are Cracking (So is the Petrodollar) If it hasn’t been on your radar recently, it should be. The relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia is at a crossroads. The new Saudi regime has proven to be unpredictable, if not downright reckless. Witness how they wasted two months of …

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Practical Afrikan Philosophy 101: Love vs. Hate

By Sis. Yofiwaa Kyekye A principle is an underlying law required in a system of thought; a rule or law concerning the functioning of natural phenomena or mechanical processes. It is not necessary for one to have knowledge of, believe, understand or accept the existence of a principle for it to function the way it …

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