There Is No White Privilege…….It’s Called Having POWER!!!!

Authentic African Vanguard

Power Can Only Persist Within A Specific Racial Group If All” Individuals Are Willing Participants. Power Has A Trickle-Down Effect, Some Have More Than Others, But All Hold A Unique Position Within it’s Structure.

The Fallacy Of The 1% Is To Cause Confusion. Yes, Their Are Very Wealthy IMA’s, But I Have Yet To See A Rich “Elite” Banker, A Vanderbilt Or A Rockefeller Type IMA Murder And Brutalize An African Woman,Man Or Child In The Street. In Fact All The IMA’s Attacking Africans Are Regular 9 To 5 Blue Collar Working IMA’s. Many Are Just Police Officers,School Teachers Etc.

The Bottom Rung IMA’s Are The Foot Soldiers That Carry Out Attacks On Africans The The Upper Echelon Of IMA’s The Upper class And Beyond Are The Lieutenants And Commanders Who Create And Make Laws So The Bottom Rung IMA’s Middle And Lower Class Can Murder Africans Inhumanely And…

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