The Four Sovereignties

The Lumumba Afrika Report

We will begin a total renegotiation with the European Union in order to get back our monetary, legislative, territorial, and economic sovereignty” ~M. Le Pen, 2017

Do any groups of Afrikan people presently have these four sovereignties? Definitely not the Afrikans in the USA and other diasporas! I can say that with absolute certainty. It is also highly questionable for Afrikan “nations” on the continent. Why is that? But a more important question, why is it that no significant political party, political faction, constituency, or political block are campaigning for these fundamental Four Sovereignties? Yet the Euro-racists that well-meaning, liberal-identified Afrikans say practice global white supremacy unceasingly, are using these four sovereignties as an active political plank. Do they know something about national organization that we don’t or have forgotten?

Why are European political parties, one after the other threatening and actually delivering on threats…

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1 thought on “The Four Sovereignties

  1. I have meditated on this speech constantly. This will become the focal point of my organization but I actually touched on it about having our own currency years back but I did not articulate as well as you or the Europeans did. This is the major fight we will have vs the White racist. White people want to make sure Black men never gain this type of power ever….The 4 Soverignties are the Basis of Freedom. We will have to expound upon this more.


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